Global Retail SAL was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 2008 as a regional retail consortium specializing in the identification, selection and acquisition of key international brand franchises.

The company's focus relies on seeking vibrant potential brands in various categories including, but not limited to, women’s and men’s apparel, accessories & children’s wear brands.

Currently operating in Lebanon with six dedicated franchise stores for year 2012, we are vigorously pursuing our expansion into markets with opportunities for growth to include the Gulf Cooperation Council & Levant countries.


To establish and develop distinct retail concepts that encompass innovative and energetic brand lines. We aim to become leading regional players offering new brands, while creating successful, sustainable & professional partnerships.


To be recognized as one of the best and most innovative franchise operators and developers in the region.  Implementing a systematic approach that offers trendy, affordable and distinguished brands as well as, exceptional shopping experiences to our customers.

Emphasizing accurate brand management will help us leverage our brand equity, create positive brand association with our customers and achieve these aspirations.


We place particular importance on a structured business approach formula when considering the development of our corporate strategy.
The aspects of this approach include:

  1. Clear-cut due diligence and research
  2. Transparent partner communication
  3. Amicable acquisition negotiations
  4. Pre-planned project development
  5. Strong core sustainability initiatives and dynamic expansion policies.

Implementing these features with transparency allows us to build a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners. With the launch of every new brand, we proceed to bring innovation to the market by providing our clientele with originality of product and our franchise affiliates with the opportunities for progressive partnerships and consistent growth potential.


Superlative Brand Lines
We strive to find and introduce innovative and fresh brands with fresh fashion appeal and customer benefit. Our ranges are diverse and include children’s apparel, footwear, women’s prêt-a-porter, men’s clothing and food and beverage products/concepts.

Ethical Business Practices
We as a Company are efficient, transparent and accountable, acting with integrity in all our business and customer interactions.

Dedicated to providing complete shopping solutions towards our clientele and ascertaining clarity and communication with our franchise affiliates and strategic partners, we ensure the highest degree of professionalism in all processes encompassing our line of work.

Resolute Commitment
We endeavor in our unwavering commitment to develop innovative strategies to: Improve our retail proposals by continuously implementing new marketing and financial initiatives to increase our appeal and remain competitive.

Brand Management
We make it a point to comprehensively understand the brands that we carry. Our marketing strategy consistently promotes the principle and fundamental core brand values of all our products. By taking into account our target market, scrutinizing our competition and using precise mixed retail marketing mediums coupled with active internal and external brand communication strategies, we will create an elevated level of positive brand association thus building loyalty, brand awareness and enhancing our brand equity in the future.

Financial Planning
Achieving financial objectives by closely planning, managing and monitoring all factors affecting one’s business is an essential key to success. Global Retail is thorough and analytical in framing policies and objectives in relation to procurement, investment and administration of its corporate funds. Our financial department works hard using its know-how and experience in determining both capital requirements and capital structure to ensure the most proficient utilization of financial resources to maximize returns on investment.

Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty is the gateway to running a successful business. Global Retail utilizes a great deal of its resources in building and maintaining customer loyalty. We believe that the training and empowerment of our employees leads to greater employee satisfaction and competence, providing superior delivery of services and eventually greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consistently applying these values throughout our organization will ultimately lead to more efficiency and therefore higher sales and greater profit margins. This virtuous circle management model is one we deeply believe in and strive to follow.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Global Retail endeavors in the continuing commitment of its business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. We actively endeavor to participate in country wide social programs and encourage environmental activities year upon year of operation.